Objects of Memory
Memory of Objects

Alžběta Filipová, Zuzana Frantová, Francesco Lovino (eds.)

This publication presents proceedings of an International PhD student conference, held on 5–6 December 2013 and organized by Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), in cooperation with the Dipartimento dei Beni culturali: archeologia, storia dell'arte, del cinema e della musica, University of Padua (Italy) and the Centre of Early Medieval Studies, Department of Art History of Masaryk University in Brno. The central topic of the conference was artworks study that is intrinsically linked to the notion of memory. The aims of the organizers were twofold: first of all to understand how icons, books, reliquaries and other artefacts became vehicles of meanings, meanings which are now mostly incomprehensible but must have been clear to its contemporary audience. Second, they aimed to understand how these objects could have changed the memory of the place in which they were preserved. The essays in this book thus represent some of the perspectives by which an object can be seen in its historicity.