CFP: Convivium IV.2, 2017 miscellaneous issue

Deadline-CFP: 31 march 2017

Edited by: Clario Di Fabio and Serena Romano

Convivium. Exchanges and Interactions in the Arts of Medieval Europe, Byzantium, and the Mediterranean. Seminarium Kondakovianum Series Nova welcomes papers on a wide range of topics. Convivium is a double peer-reviewed academic periodical which restarts and continues the famous Seminarium Kondakovianum, with the desire to maintain and deepen Nikodim Kondakov’s scholarly work in Byzantine and medieval studies, between East and West. Convivium covers a wide chronological range, from the Early Christian period to the end of the Middle Ages, but also deals with the historiographical reception of the Middle Ages in later periods.

For this miscellaneous issue, we welcome papers with:

  • a central topic that deals with medieval art history in a broad sense, that is, whatever pertains to images, monuments, the forms of visual and aesthetic experience
  • but also to the many disciplines tied to art history, like anthropology, liturgy, archaeology, history, with a particular focus on historiography.
  • Book-reviews of recent works on the above-mentioned subjects.

The articles will be submitted first to the editors and editorial board, and then to a double blind peer-review process. Each issue is comprised from five to ten articles (in French, English, Italian or German), between 40.000 and 60.000 stokes long, with maximum fifteen full-colour illustrations. It also includes five book reviews. Convivium is published in paper and digital format.

This miscellaneous issue (IV.2) will be edited and curated by Clario Di Fabio, professor of medieval art at the University of Genoa (, and by Serena Romano, professor of medieval art at the University of Lausanne (

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The articles have to be sent to Zuzana Frantová, executive editor of the journal (